How do you maintain your BESTO lifejacket? 

Your Besto Buoyancy Aid or Lifejacket needs maintenance periodically and is only effective then. Do not perform any repairs on the vests yourself. Return the lifejacket to your dealer or contact Besto.

General: please note a lifejacket or buoyancy aid will only be effective when:

  • You have chosen the right product/category in relation to the kind of use/activity its required for.
  • You have chosen the right size according to the weight of the wearer.
  • When buying a lifejacket take into account the clothing you will be wearing on the water. Heavy, protective, watertight clothingÿcan counteract the working of the jacket.
  • You test or pre-wear test the lifejacket before using it (teach your children how to turn and/or float in their lifejacket)
  • You wear and maintain the lifejacket according to the enclosed manuals
  • You wear the lifejacket each time when there is a risk of falling into the water
  • You never wear it underneath your clothing or jacket, it?s always on top
  • Lifejackets/buoyancy aids only reduce the risk of drowning, they do not guarantee rescue.

Click the link foam lifejackets or inflatable lifejackets for specific information regarding the type of lifejacket.

General directions for the use, storage, care and inspection of your buoyancy aid or lifejacket.

done the jacket over the head or like a coat, with the brand logo, zipper and/or reflecting tape towards the front. Close any zip and/or fastening(s). Adjust the webbing(s) through the buckle(s) until the life-jacket fits securely to your body. When available, knot and tighten collar ties and/or cords and securely fit them to your body. If available, get the crotch straps (or for babies the nappy) between your legs and adjust the webbing(s) through the buckles or sliders, until they securely fit to the body. Always securely tuck away webbing-ends.

Storage and care
Rinse in fresh water after use in sea. Allow wet lifejackets to dry thoroughly before storing. Do not place lifejacket on or near a source of heat but simply hang up to dry. Conditions for storage and use.-30°C to +60°C. Store in a dry and dark place. Make no repairs or changes to the lifejacket yourself. In case of damage, send the life jacket for repair to the nearest dealer or the shop where it was purchased. Max. Lifespan of foam lifejacket is 10 years.

Before using, Train yourself in the use of the device. Always inspect the lifejacket for damage before using. Check the lifejacket at least once a year.

100N/150N: Do not wear in combination with a safety harness, which can damage the lifejacket. Full performance may not be achieved using waterproof clothing or in other circumstances. Do not apply diapers which provide buoyancy when using the lifejacket. Do not wear in combination with a disposable nappy.

Owing to their particular body weight distribution, small children can still come to lie face down in the water. The relatively heavy head of a small child, it nappies etc. may cause it to lie in a fatal flotation position. A child user should be taught how to float/turn in this life jacket.

Do not use as a cushion. Familiarize yourself with the location of the (safety) whistle.
Light: check the expiry date of the light, only when available.

Instruction for use 
Click here to download full instruction of use.

It is important that before use or periodically a Pre-Wear check has been done on your jacket, to make sure is it operational. Check the indicators at the mechanism, the cylinder ( full and tighten) and general condition.

Click here to learn more about the pre wear check.

It is important to know how an Inflatable jacket operate.

Click here to learn more.

You can re-pack and fold your jacket after use. Please read the general instruction manuals and the re-arm set instructions that belongs to your jacket careful. If it is damaged, contact Besto or an authorized service station.

Below you can choose for further information on you ISO or SOLAS jacket.

All Inflatable jackets need to be re-inspected periodically. The interval for this is:

  • SOLAS Twin chamber: each year
  • ISO single chamber jackets:   a minimum every 2 years

Dates are since date of purchase and within the automatic cartridge / bobbin expiry date.

Besto advices to service the jackets every year in case of heavily professional, frequent & extreme use. This is fully up to and for the responsibility of the end user(s).

  • The latest inspection carried out is listed on the certificate, checklist and on the info label of the jacket. The next inspection date is indicated by the service sticker.
  • The lifejacket should be serviced at a service station accredited by the manufacturer within one month either side of the service date.
  • Change the cartridge / bobbin every 2 years for regular leisure usage and every year for commercial or heavy leisure usage and within the automatic cartridge / bobbin expiry date.