Besto Buoyancy Appliance

» Minimum buoyancy 100N per person.
» The cover is manufactured from easy-to-clean, high-quality orange synthetic
» The container has been fitted with a zipper for easy replacement.
» The foam filling that enables buoyancy is resistant to oil and oil-related products,
  as well as to high temperatures.
» The appliance can be fitted with large reflective strips on either side for easy
» The appliance is fitted with ample floatable lifelines all around which are easy to


Group Lifesaving Appliances significantly enhance the likely hood of victims of
incidents on the water being spotted collectively by rescue teams. It also enables
victims to provide mutual aid and support to another.

» Approved by the Netherlands Maritime Inspection for inland waters.





Article number Size  
RE11954 740 x 570 x 120 mm. (LXBXH) 4 persons
RE11958 1140 x 740 x 120 mm. (LXBXH) 8 persons


Item numberRE1195*

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