Besto Econ 100N

  CE EN395 / ISO12402-4 



The extremely popular Econ 100N Lifejacket is filled with a light PE foam filling. To ensure maximum buoyancy in the chest area, the front panel of this lifejacket is designed with a single section. This enhances both turning capacity and safety. Top, waist and bottom fastening ensure an exceptional body fit which enhances both body comfort and safety. Sizes 1 through 4 are designed with a crotch strap to provide extra safety for the little ones. All sizes are designed with Fluorescent Orange High Visibility outer fabrics, signalling whistle and refl ective applications for quick recognition and rapid rescuing in case of



 Article number



Min. required buoyancy


No. 1-Baby

5 - 15 kg

30 N


No. 2-Toddler

15 - 20 kg

35 N


No. 3-Child

20 - 30 kg

40 N


No. 4-Junior

30 - 40 kg

50 N



40 - 60 kg

70 N



60 - 70 kg

80 N



70+ kg

100 N


Extra Large

70++ kg

100 N



Fabric: 100% Polyester
High Visible EN471

PE foam

No 1-4 crotch strap

Item numberRE3313*

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