Before use always read the instruction for use



How does an inflatable work

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Inspection before use

               United Moulders system
               Halkey Roberts system
               Check the airtightness of the jacket

Annual full-service / Inspection

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Re-arming after use

               United Moulders MK5 Junior 100N
               United Moulders MK5 Adult 150N
               United Moulders MK5 Adult 190N
               United Moulders MK5 Adult 275N

               United Moulders CXI Junior 100N
               United Moulders CXI Adult 150N
               United Moulders CXI Adult 190N
               United Moulders CXI Adult 275N

               Halkey Roberts Adult 150N

Repack after use

               Adult 150N
               Adult 275N


               Separate crotchstrap

Carriage of inflatable lifejackets on Aircrafts

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