How do you maintain your BESTO lifejacket?

Do not perform any repairs on the lifejacket yourself.

Return the lifejacket to your dealer or contact Besto. 

Rules for maintenance and/or use of lifejackets

Please note: A lifejacket or buoyancy aid will only be effective when:

» you have chosen the right category and model according to the kind of use required.
» you have chosen the right size according to the weight of the wearer.
» you wear and maintain the lifejacket according to the enclosed manuals.
» you wear the lifejacket each time when there is a risk of falling into the water.
» you never wear it underneath your clothing or jacket.
» you test the lifejacket before using it. Check if the lifejacket is armed and if
  needed (teach your children how to turn and/or float in their lifejacket)




Click the link foam lifejackets or inflatable lifejackets for specific information regarding the type of lifejacket.

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