When do you have to wear a lifejacket?

  • If you can not swim but you are on the water, especially children;
  • When you are on large water
  • When there is not much help around;
  • At low watertemperatures
  • When the weather is rough when on the water;
  • During watersports with high speed.

For children it is always wise to wear a lifejacket on or near the water

Do not save money when buying a lifejacket or buoyancy aid.   
They can be your last resort!


What is the difference between an inflatable lifejackets and foamjackets

Inflatable lifejackets are comfortable and are inflated automatically or manual by means of gas. Inflatables ask a lot of maintenance and therefor are quite expensive. In case of bad maintenance or misuse the chance of refusal is present.

Suitable for for example sailors or as working jacket


Foam jackets are jackets where the filling is always present. They ask less maintenance and have a long life. The operation is guaranteed, provided that they are wel maintained and used.  Foam jackets are availabla in different types and designs. 

Suitable in situations where there is a high risk of fall in into the water.


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