More than 85 years knowledge and experience in the field of personal life-saving equipment for Watersports and Shipping.

Water sports enthusiasts with an eye for safety always choose vests and lifejackets made by Besto. Thanks to qualified product research and the continuous perfection of the optimal body fit, Besto has been the leader in swimming vests and lifejackets for years. All lifejackets and vests are approved in accordance with the latest European norms and standards, and all our products carry the CE mark of approval. Using only top materials and a quality system which is approved in accordance with EC Directive 96/98 (extremely strict fi nal inspection of all lifejackets and vests),
Besto is able to enforce the highest quality standards. Every year, Besto’s Quality System and personnel are tested and approved by an independent institution (Bureau Veritas). This enables Besto to continue to produce comfortable, attractive, high quality and safe Besto lifejackets and vests, all in compliance with the highest requirements.
Besto offers a wide range of lifejackets and vests in a variety of designs and applications, suitable for the entire family. With Besto swimming vests and lifejackets you and your family are sure to be comfortable on the water and optimally prepared for any unforeseen incidents on the water.

Besto lifejackets and vests are approved by the following accredited institutions:

TNO Holland
Fleetwood testing laboratory UK

Dutch Shipping Inspectorate
Bureau Veritas Rotterdam / Parijs

Force Certification A/S Danmark

Lifesaver since 1920